Provider Opportunities

As a provider with MSLA, you have the opportunity to work with our clients by delivering objective and thorough examinations. We have a broad range of services that we provide which allows you the flexibility to examine patients within your schedule and area of expertise.   

Whether working in our multiple clinics throughout California, Nevada or Hawaii, performing med-legal evaluations, being a part of our nationwide physician network performing IMEs or performing Veteran Examinations, MSLA will market your services and ensure that your report is nothing but the best quality. MSLA currently has opportunities in all areas of service provided.

When joining MSLA, consider the following benefits:

  1. Fill empty appointment slots
  2. You are never on call - MSLA's referrals are scheduled only during the times you choose
  3. No billing or collections headaches - MSLA is a direct payer
  4. No downcoding - MSLA does not downcode any of the authorized services of its providers
  5. New doctors can expand their practice
  6. Doctors considering retirement can begin to phase treating patients out and fill the time with non-treating exams


MSLA is seeking providers of all specialties for its national contracts.  Specialties include audiology, dentistry, optometry and ophthalmology, internal medicine and its subspecialties, family medicine, general practice, neurology, physiatry, gynecology, orthopaedics, psychiatry and clinical psychology.

MSLA Medical-Legal Evaluations

Appointments scheduled in 30 days
and reports served in 30 days.
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